Monday, February 8, 2010

So here it goes!

Gulp! Ok, here we go, my first posting as a blogger. Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy road to get blogging. I have been meaning to do it for a month or so and now and finally, I'm doing it.

I am starting this blog as I'm getting married soon and I wanted to chronicle our road to the altar. So the wedding is in fact in about 2 months! Yes, I am hyperventilating every now and then thinking about all the stuff I need to do.

Right now I'm in London (that's where my guy is from) and working to get some items done for the wedding. I'm DIY-ing a lot of my wedding decorations, in fact, my mom is also working on a major part of the table decorations. Just before I left the Bay Area I dropped off the items for her to start. I was also in a mad rush to get out our invitations in the mail before leaving. In the end, to relieve some stress, I decided to finish last sets of invites and mailed them out of here in London. Thank goodness all the work I put into the invites were well received. When my fiance saw our final invitation suite, I think he was impressed. Though he thinks I did sort of "pimp" out part of our invitation as I wanted to enclosed an envelope liner and added a few extra items. In the end, I am happy with them, though looking back at it, there are probably some stuff I probably would not have done as it probably wasn't that noticeable to our guests.

When I started my wedding planning, I was reading through a lot of my Martha Stewart Weddings magazine that I've collected over the years. Then I stumbled across a few blogs when I started searching for our wedding photographer and found a goldmine of wedding blogs! I never knew these wedding blogs existed and thankfully through them, I have found a lot of inspiration and ideas that I'm using for our wedding, luckily I even found our photographer from one of the blogs.

So with many great wedding blogs out there, I spend an hour or so plus reading them daily to get more inspirations. On that note, I should start my Monday perusing of those blogs.

Hopefully I'll do another post soon!

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  1. Hey Winky, nice blog! We're looking forward to your happy day! :)